Expected behavior: I move the mouse over an link in pumpa, and the full url is displayed at the bottom of the window.

Actual behavior: Works sometimes but other times the displayed url is not the one the mouse is over.

Analysis: There are two kinds of links; links inside posts and links that pumpa makes to eg, people's names. If I first mouse over someone's name, and then move the mouse to be over a link inside a post, this is when pumpa keeps displaying the old url, rather than showing the new url I moved the mouse over.

Certain mouse movements clear the previously displayed url, and then the problem doesn't happen.

Originally reported as bug #769456 in Debian.

I have noticed this problem too, but I've never been able to pin down when it happens. Your analysis may be helpful for this.
Comment by sazius [id.mayfirst.org] Sat Nov 29 08:04:32 2014
I was not able to find any pattern here. It seems various statusbar messages can conflict with each other, even though I'm using QStatusBar::showMessage() with timeout=0 which means it should be shown until a new message is to be shown. Unfortunately I have little control over the mouseover detection mechanism, I rely on Qt's linkHovered signal from each widget...
Comment by sazius [id.mayfirst.org] Tue Dec 23 17:06:31 2014