Bernhard E. Reiter: When "sharing" a message, it only goes to followers by default. It would be nice to have an option or button to share for Public or other recipients as well.

Sazius: I should look into that. I remember seeing a discussion somewhere on pump about if sharing publicly was a good idea, but I can't remember the outcome of that discussion :-)

Bernhard: I believe there are two distinct questions: a) should the interface be made more complex by adding an option to share publically or even more to select all target lists. b) What should the default be. Or how the user interface should look like.

I believe that a more non-public default is good, but for a) the answer is clearly yes, we need at least the followers+public extra functionality. I'd say that even a full blown to: and cc: dialog would be warranted with an option that public is filled in as default together with Followers.

Another idea is to allow more fine-grained editing, e.g. share with certain people. See discussion:
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