usr_share: Right now, if someone follows you, the only way to follow the person back is to use the browser.

I think that "follow" (or "unfollow") activities should have the following buttons available:

[see profile] -- quickly see the person's profile, similar to the [+] button to the right of all posts. (

[follow / unfollow] -- to, obviously enough, follow the person back, or to unfollow if already following.

[see activities] -- if possible, to see the activities of that specific user like one's own in the "Activities" tab.

Sazius: Actually there's a work around for the first problem: open your "followers" tab, the recent follower will be at the top. Press "follow" :-)

But yeah, ideally you should be able to do that directly from the "X has followed you" item.

Right now it shows your own profile, which is "technically" correct, because that is the object in the pump feed. But not very useful in this case :)