"Pumpa" is a Swedish word that means either "to pump" (as a verb) or "pumpkin" (as a noun) :-)

Pumpa is a simple pump.io client written in C++ and Qt. Pumpa is Free Software.

For installation instructions check the install page, to report an issue or submit a feature request go to the bugs page.

The source code is hosted here on branchable.



  • November 5, version 0.9.3 released.
  • January 30, version 0.9.2 released.


  • May 17, version 0.9.1 released.
  • March 16, due to gitorious' imminent shutdown source code hosting was officially moved to branchable.com. If you already have the repository cloned this command should switch the origin branch to the new location:

    git remote set-url origin git://pumpa.branchable.com/



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Obligatory screenshot

Pumpa screen shot

Pumpa running on Gnome 3.